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OpTic India qualify for ESL Pro League Season 8 Asia

OpTic India have convincingly grabbed the trophy in Hyderabad after defeating Slaughter Rage Army (SRA) 2-0. Along with this, the North-American organization has also grabbed it’s slot at the ESL Pro League Season 8, Asia. OpTic India will battle with the winner of SEA Qualifier, winner of China Qualifier and the runner-up of Chinese Qualifier; the supreme will make it’s way all the way to the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals at Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense, Denmark from December 4-9.

Photo via ESL India

OpTic India has been undefeated throughout the online season having 11 wins and losing none. OpTic banned Mirage and Cache; picked up Nuke. While the boys from Kolkata removed Overpass & Train and picked up their best map, Dust II. Inferno was left over to be the decider of this best-of-three encounter.

  • Nuke: OpTic India 163 SRA

  • Dust II: OpTic India 166 SRA

Snapshot via HLTV.org

OpTic on the Terrorist side, grabbed the pistol round in no time followed by the second round merely losing one in each round. OpTic went for a quick outer play in the first buy round and went forward with an early 4-0 lead on the Terrorist side. OpTic, one again rushed outer with a smoke wall followed by inside rush in the sixth round and registered sixth round on the scoreboard.

OpTic secured the following two rounds while the lads from Kolkata didn’t get anything as of yet. SRA finally won the ninth round after shutting down some sloppy pushes from OpTic and secured the first round. In all succession, SRA only managed to get three rounds and OpTic bagged the first map 16-3.

OpTic started on defense in SRA’s map pick, Dust II. Pistol round was pretty one sided favoring OpTic as they went for an early map control towards short-A and yB concluded with a triple-kill of his own towards long-A. SRA went for a quick B-play but the utility usage from OpTic haulted SRA’s plans but they did get the bomb down alongside killing two defenders at the B-site.

OpTic closed down the first buy round after merely losing Marzil and secured the fourth round on board. SRA was falling apart one-by-one as they couldn’t trade the kills. Aflekx got a triple-kill in the fifth round but his side couldn’t get anything further. OpTic made no mistakes and added the seventh round in their bag with Marzil and Antidote getting all five kills with the big green gun.

Scoreboard appeared 7-0 in the favor of OpTic India. OpTic straight up rushed mid and long-A against pistols merely losing yB in the encounter. SRA finally got the first round with an early two-man advantage after The_Guru killed both OpTic AWPers – Marzil and Antidote. As always, the in-game-leader led from the front and lived up to his name, The_Guru.

OpTic didn’t let them settle as Marzil grabbed a triple with his AWP to seal the round 9-1. SRA’s economy crumbled and they were down to pistols in the eleventh round. OpTic had no problem winning against the pistols and haiVaan got a triple of his own. OpTic did get an early pick in the twelfth round but DreaM replied back with two quick frags and the round went in SRA’s bag.

Photo via SRA

Boys from Kolkata went for mid-round mid-to-B split and OpTic couldn’t act in time as the communication was not on point; SRA caught Marzil off-guard and cleared the B-site to get third round. A ray of hope could be seen as SRA was mounting a comeback. OpTic went down one by one in the upcoming round as Negative got a 3k of his own to secure the fourth round. OpTic bank finally drained as they were down to pistol in the last round of the first half. First half ended 10-5 with OpTic’s dominance.

OpTic smoked the x-box and went for a quick short-A play in the second pistol round of the second map. DreaM held his ground with a double kill on defense but yB clutched the round with a 1vs2 post plant scenario to hault SRA’s comeback. Aflekx an amazing triple kill towards short-A but Marzil edged past to move forward with a 12-5 lead. Since then, SRA could only sneak one round and there was no looking back for the OpTic squad. They grabbed Dust II 16-6 to lift the trophy in Hyderabad.

Final Standings:

1.  [flag country=”in”] OpTic India – $6,750 + ESL Pro League Season 8 Asia

2. [flag country=”in”] Slaughter Rage Army – $3,375

3-4. [flag country=”in”] Team Brutality – $1,687

3-4. [flag country=”in”] 2ez Gaming – $1,687



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