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VAC BAN! Valve swipes 60K cheaters in a day post summer sale

It’s a decent week for matchmaking players as Valve has prohibited more than 60,000 miscreants in their greatest ever VAC boycott wave. That implies that those found utilizing aimlock, wallhack, and different cheats are for all time restricted from playing on Valve servers.

As indicated by details from SteamDB.info Valve restricted a sum of 61,474 players, making it the greatest VAC boycott wave in the historical backdrop of Counter-Strike. There were additionally a further 27,407 diversion bans from Overwatch reports.


Valve’s Steam Summer Sale every year is followed by CSGO’s VAC ban. This may be correlated as hackers buy the discounted game and use cheats. VAC has always been at the receiving end of the flak by the community for its efficiency. CSGO’s hackers are as common as the matches itself. Cheating in CS:GO is an ongoing problem. But with hackers being banned more than ever, it looks like the game is improving.

Road ahead

Valve developers have been working hard to improve their anti-cheat measures for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Back in April, they made over 130k VAC bans and a whopping 1.4 million in-game bans.

The wave comes in the midst of CS:GO’s new Panorama UI update, offering a whole new look and feel. Not to mention further improvements coming. Evidence suggests we’ll see a new CS:GO gun in 2018, and possibly even a new operation.

Steam Summer Sale impact on the hackers

It’s significant that VAC boycott waves ordinarily come after the Steam Summer Sale. A year ago observed a VAC boycott wave of around 40,000 players after the deal. This is because of con artists getting new records at the diversion’s rebate cost and new players endeavoring to utilize hacks.

All things considered, it’s a positive result. Players can hit up Dust 2 this week without agonizing over being one-deaged by a miscreant around each corner.


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