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Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile roster in turbulent airs after heated verbal exchange

Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile players have been indulging in public spats and seen taking a dig at each other over team’s performance in customs, tournaments and in scrims. Everything the players had to say can be heard on their public live streams respectively on YouTube.

Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh initiated by calling out his teammates, while targeting Mohammed “Owais” Lakhani as he was upset with Owais because Owais refused to play after midnight when majority of scrims and customs matches are played. Sc0ut also expressed his anger and frustration at the team’s coach, Pratik “Aurum” Mehra probable because of the playstyle Sc0utOp has to play for the team which isn’t his natural playstyle. Sc0ut also made remarks about Owais and Aurum’s family.

Owais later came on Livestream and stated that, “He cannot play with someone who verbally abuses his mother, father, or sister.” He also gave an explanation of why he cannot play after midnight. Owais said that he needs to wake up early for his morning prayers; he even mentioned that he had been suffering from stomach pain from several days. He said that he dedicates about 14 hours a day for PUBG which is more than enough for practice sessions. Owais also added that his family wants him to leave competitive gaming and go back to pursue his studies and focus on it.

Franky who signed just a month back with Fnatic, was also with Owais during his livestream and said that his family was urging him to leave Fnatic due to the toxicity in the team. Yesterday, Sc0utOP got into a discord with a random fan and talked to him regarding the situation. Sc0ut said that his teammates can complain to Fnatic management and get him removed from the roster.

Sc0utOp also tried to justify his comments by saying that getting offended by verbal abuses directed towards family shows your low level of maturity. He also added by saying that he used to get offended by such remarks during the times of high school, but at the age of 24 he doesn’t get offended by such abusive remarks at all. He also mentioned that he had personally apologized to all of his teammates.

Later Sc0ut received a call from Nimish “Nemo” Raut, Fnatic’s India lead on which Nemo urged Sc0ut not to discuss the issue in public anymore. The call could be heard on the stream because Sc0ut had put the call on speakerphone. Sc0ut’s behaviour isn’t uncommon as he was benched in the past after he made abusive remarks about a player from another org. who knocked him out in a match on Sanhok map. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile roster.


Anuj Rautela
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