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PUBG Mobile: Is everything okay between Sc0utOP & Team Fnatic?

What’s going on between ScoutOP and Team Fnatic? What’s the reason behind ScoutOP not playing in the Fnatic PUBGM lineup? Are things okay between Scout and Ronak? Let’s break all of this down for you guys.

We feel like it all started with the Scout and Bhishma controversy in the very first place that led to Scout being benched by Team Fnatic from their starting lineup (and now we rarely see him play in the tournament matches). Speculations are that the other players on Team Fnatic aren’t doing well with ScoutOP both inside and outside of the game. So when during a PMPL scrim match, when Team Fnatic got a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 19 Kills” where FNC Owais clutched the entire game 1v4 with his godlike performance, Team Fnatic showed that they can still dominated games even without their star player ScoutOP. As a result, one of the players mentioned somewhere that, “We are experimenting new strategies right out which do not require the playstyle of someone like ScoutOP!”

ScoutOP had to play alone in one of the PMPL scrim matches because the rest of his team did not even join with him. After the match Scout got emotional on the stream since he wasn’t sure why his team could not join the scrim. Fnatic’s team director Victor and India’s head Nemo mentioned that. “All the team members of Fnatic were in a meeting at that time”. “ScoutOP called me several times on WhatsApp as well” he added. He even shared screenshots of ScoutOP’s missed calls on WhatsApp on his Instagram handle. Even Victor shared a video where he was seen saying sorry to Scout personally. So is everything actually fine between ScoutOP and Team Fnatic? The next segment of this article might make things crystal clear.


Now it’s time for the discussion about what’s going on between Ronak & ScoutOP. If we are not wrong, after that WWCD game with 19 kills, Ronak said something to one his friends regarding Scout and how they can do really well even without Scout. When Scout got to know about this, he then replied by saying that, “Owais ne pura game carry kra. Jiss bande ne kuch bhi nhi kra wo itna kyu faltu bolra.” “Mai abhi purane PEC ka score dikhaunga toh sabko pta chal jayega kisne kaisa perform kra h past mai” he further added.

Yesterday we found Scout playing with Ghatak, Pradhan, and Viru in scrim matches where Team Fnatic was playing with their own lineup in the same lobby. Also on TSM-Entity Jonathan’s stream when Jonathan invited both ScoutOP and Ronak together, Scout left by saying ki mai, “band kr rha” (he was referring to the game) and after that both of them left the lobby but Ronak said, “Fuck off!” to TSM ClutchGod before leaving. We will have to see what awaits for Scout as well as for Team Fnatic in the nearby future.

Writer’s Note: I really hope that Team Fnatic is able to sort out all their issues with ScoutOP and that they get back on the same track and deliver some good performances in the upcoming tournaments. Scout is undoubtedly one of the best players in PUBGM India, so if he’s not getting satisfactory results with this lineup, maybe he should move on with a different team that plays around him? I also request to all the readers and PUBG Mobile Indian fans to not spread any rumours or hate messages to any of the players regarding any of this, I’m sure these players have someone with them to find the right solution to solve out the issues.

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