Fnatic Out of Contention for PGL Major After Third Straight Loss at IEM Fall

Legendary Swedish organization fnatic will miss out on a spot at the Major in Stockholm, after they lost all 3 of their games at the final RMR event, IEM Fall. They were already in dire straits, coming into the tournament with just 294 RMR points and needed to at least make the playoffs to have any chances of playing in front of their home crowd.

Having made multiple roster changes over the course of the last year and different RMR tournaments, with the removal of flusha, JW and Golden and adding Jackinho, mezii and ALEX to ramp up their firepower they had to face deduction in points as per Valve’s policy and could only amass 294 points.

Fnatic began their IEM Fall campaign with a loss to FaZe and then followed up with close losses to DBL Poney and Fiend. This leaves them as the only team in Group D without a win, and they sit dead last. With FaZe’s win over DBL Poney, Fnatic will be unable to make it to the playoffs, and even a 3rd place in the Group wouldn’t help them get enough points to overtake other teams.

This is the second consecutive Major that fnatic won’t be present at, after they missed out on a spot at the StarLadder Berlin Major.

Fnatic will now play SKADE and then NiP in hopes of a consolation win.