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Fnatic and FPX avoid elimination at Valorant Masters Copenhagen

The Knockout action continued today at Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen with Fnatic taking on Leviatan and DRX taking on FunPlus Phoenix in an elimination BO3 game. 

With tournament contention online, all the teams fought tooth and nail, with two teams getting eliminated from the competition. 

Summary of Day 6 VCT Masters Copenhagen Knockout Stage.

  • Game 1: Fnatic 2-1 Leviatan
  • Game 2: DRX 0-2 FunPlus Phoenix

Game 1: Fnatic 2-1 Leviatan:

The first lower bracket game had Fnatic taking on Leviatan, and everyone expected a clean sweep from Fnatic, but Leviatan had other plans. 

The game started with Fnatic’s map pick of Fracture, where while attacking, Fnatic failed to find constant success and could only scrap five rounds. 

Leviatan went through a similar phase while they attacked and could only equalize the score in regulation, forcing Overtime.   

The Overtime started with Fnatic winning their attacking half, and Derke’s 4k in the retake won them the defensive half closing the Game 14-12. 

Play of the Map:

Player of the Map: Alfajer, KDA – 25/17/5 ACS – 289

On Ascent, Leviatan displayed why they chose the map by starting strong on the attack, but Fnatic quickly adjusted to draw the half 6-6. 

Now on the attack, Fnatic struggled to find early success but managed to reach ten. Leviatan soon answered and won two rounds in a row to equalize the series at one map each. 

Play of the Map:

Player of the Map: Melser, KDA – 20/11/7 ACS – 225

Bind, The decider started with Leviatan completely shutting down all the attack attempts by Fnatic initially, But Fnatic maintained their composure and managed to scrape five rounds in half. 

The second half had Fnatic on defense and in control, but they failed to suppress Leviatan’s attack despite reaching the map point first and were forced into Overtime. 

The Overtime started with Leviatan shutting down Fnatic’s attack and almost winning the follow-up attacking round, but a clutch from Enzo saved Fnatic. 

The teams exchanged another defensive half and another attacking half, with Fnatic winning the attacking half and Enzo closing the defense half in a 1v1 helped Fnatic secure the map. 

Play of the Map:

Player of the Map: Boaster, KDA – 31/20/16 ACS – 296
Player of the Series: Alfajer, KDA – 65/53/21 ACS – 230

With this, Fnatic now carries on in the tournament and will play in front of the crowd. We see Leviatan again at Valorant Champions. 

Game 2: DRX 0-2 FunPlus Phoenix:

The Korean Giants DRX came into this game as the heavy favorites as they managed to make a meal out of FPX the last time they played. FPX themselves were hot from the win over Guild and, with Suygetsu back, looked stronger than ever.  

The game started on Ascent, A pocket pick of FPX, but they had changed the comp to play Jett instead of Chamber. The first half of the game was very back and forth, with both teams ending the half on six rounds each. 

The second half started with DRX winning the pistol and the follow-up, but FPX managed to hold off all their subsequent attack attempts to win six rounds in a row. A clutch from Zest seemed to have broken the momentum, but FPX stayed strong and consummated the map 13-9.

Play of the Map:

Player of the Map: Suygetsu, KDA – 17/12/7 ACS – 194

The second map was a quickie with DRX getting overrun with FPX’s attacks and only winning three rounds in their defensive half. 

The FPX domination continued in the second half despite DRX winning the first two rounds. FPX closed the map 13-5 to win the series 2-0 and eliminate DRX. 

Play of the Map: 

Player of the Map: Ardiis, KDA – 24/10/2 ACS – 337
Player of the Series: Ardiis, KDA – 44/29/8 ACS – 317

FPX would now play Fnatic in the lower bracket semifinals and bring their A-game. DRX had a fantastic run, but they were the tournament favorites, and to lose at the same stage they did last time must be disappointing. 

The VCT Masters Copenhagen action continues on 22nd now, where the event will feature a live audience and debut with Paper Rex taking on Optic Gaming, followed by the Fnatic/FPX game. 

You can read about the results, format and schedule for the tournament, venue, ticketing, and the teams participating and where to watch the stream here. 

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