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flusha benched in Fnatic

flusha out. Again.

Veteran rifler Robin “flusha” Rönnquist will be moving to Fnatic’s bench, as the organization looks for a revamp in 2021.

The Swedish organization will bid farewell to its legendary player after a long history of winning across several tournaments. With this announcement, the player will be moving to the inactive roster to explore his options.

Flusha’s long history with the Swedish organization dates back to 2013 when the organization was at its peak in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ecosystem. With his crisp aim and in-game expertise, flusha helped Fnatic lift trophies at three majors namely DreamHack Winter 2013, ESL One: Katowice 2015, and ESL One: Cologne 2015. The player eventually became one of the most sought after players in CSG).

The Headcoach of Fnatic’s CSGO division said that flusha’s move to the bench was challenging for the organization.

“Looking to the future of Fnatic CSGO we’ve had to make some tough decisions about our roster and our legendary players. Robin is an amazingly talented player and I’m sure he will find a place in a top tier team very quickly,” He said.

His exit will add to his on and off history with Fnatic as he has left the organization multiple times before, only to rejoin. In his ten years-long journeys, the rifler has spent the majority of the time in Fnatic after experimenting with different rosters. His exit will mark the end of his third spell with Fnatic that lasted for 15 months.

The news of flusha moving to the bench comes days after the reports of him playing alongside Timothy “autimatic” Ta and Miikka “suNny” Kemppi. Both the players are currently free agents, waiting to continue their CSGO journey. With flusha’s exit, it seems that the reports may come to fruition as he was the only player in the trio who was under a contract.

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With the addition of Flusha to the inactive CSGO roster, Fnatic is left with an empty slot. A report by DBLTAP has confirmed that the team has already initiated discussions to acquire Jack “Jackinho” Ström Mattson. With the young AWPER’s addition, role switches in Fnatic should be expected. The organization has announced that flusha’s departure will give them a chance to refresh the roster for the 2021 season.

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