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PUBG Mobile: PMCO 2021 will not have Vikendi map

PUBG Mobile Esports team has made some changes in the format of upcoming PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021. The Spring Split of PMCO 2021 begins very soon for various regions and as per the schedule, Vikendi map has been completely removed from the tournament format.

PUBG Mobile Club Open or PMCO is the grassroots level of tournament in the competitive PUBG Mobile ecosystem. In this tournament, players from almost every region can register as a team and participate in the online qualifiers to showcase their prowess. For the first time, a significant change has been made in format of PUBG Mobile tournaments where Vikendi map is not present in the online qualifiers stage.

According to the FAQ Section, the schedule for online qualifiers of PMCO 2021 was published where Vikendi has not been mentioned. PUBG Mobile has never removed a map from their tournaments unless some special format was implemented. This is a significant change which could be huge for the future of PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Vikendi is the snow laden map and due to the topography and its zone shrinkage, it has been the least entertaining map for viewers at the initial stage. After the zone is small enough, fights break out at every corner of the map and the fire dies as quickly as it was kindled. This could mean that PUBG Mobile might be trying something new in the competitive side of this game.

There is also a small but important possibility that this might just be an error but chances are negligible. The registrations for PMCO Spring Split have already begun and this change would mean that players will have to play only Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok for the majority of this tournament.

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