COBX Gaming

COBX Gaming, the latest in the league to support the development of competitive digital gaming in India accrued an overwhelming response from the professionals from all across the world. The event, which was announced very recently, was shared on Twitter and well received by the pros. Two of the world-class gamers Shox and FalleN reacted positively at the announcement along with the dozens more.

COBX Gaming, the brainchild of Rajdip Gupta, is an initiative which will help boost the Indian competitive gaming scenario. The company aims to invest into creating a domestic online league, an international class squad of pro players and a gaming event which will attract pros from all around the world.

COBX Gaming

The announcement was made two days ago about the interest of Mr. Gupta, the founder of Route Mobile, who thinks this is the right time to invest in the sector.

COBX Gaming will soon announce their formation of professional

The latest to react to the announcement of one of the India’s most promising gaming establishment is Gabriel Toledo, famously known was FalleN, who is a two-time world champion in CS:GO and a dozen of more titles to its name. FalleN originates from Brazil and plays for SK Gaming.

FalleN is also one of those successful Global offensive players, who have been associated with the game for more than a decade. FalleN’s recent list of achievements include three majors, out of which two of them were conquered by his team and the third, being the latest one ELEAGUE Major 2017, SK stood at the third spot. IEM Oakland 2016, Eleague S2 and DreamHack Las Vegas 2017 are the apparent titles currently held by SK Gaming.

Quick to join the verses of the positive rhyme was the Frenchmen, Shox. This 24-year-old notorious player from G2 Esports is famous in-game for hitting nasty headshots. Prior to joining G2 Esports, Shox has played for LDLC, EnVyUs, VeryGames. He also plays for Team France during the regional tournaments.

Although Richard only holds one Major title to his name, DreamHack Winter 2014, there are several more tournaments to the name of this France player.

Furthermore, the development of the scene through these types of regular events will surely put the Indian scene in a good light. COBX Gaming will open its door very shortly in the formation of their newest squad. And the league is anticipated to be announced and scheduled by the end of this year.