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Fall Guys overtakes Fortnite and Valorant to become the most viewed game on Twitch

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Even before the official release of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys, it had managed to win the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. The unique take of Fall Guys on the “battle royale” genre helped it garner the attention of popular streamers ever since the closed beta stage of the game.

In this “massively multiplayer party game”, 60 players are matched against each other in a TV show where they have to compete in races, obstacle courses, football and various other game modes till only one victor remains. Unlike regular battle royales, this game involves no weapons whatsoever. Players have to rely solely on their movement, skills, wits and a little bit of luck to be able to outplay their opponents and take the victory crown.

Even during its closed beta stage, this game was already spiking steadily through the Twitch charts in terms of viewership. Currently, this casual battle royale has almost cemented its place over hardcore competitive titles like Riot’s VALORANT, or Valve’s CS:GO. It has also taken the throne of the most viewed game on Twitch from Fortnite, another battle royale by Epic Games.

Over the past few weeks, the game has been picked up by several popular streamers like xQc, imaqtpie, Lazarbeam and moistcr1tikal, who have been regularly seen streaming the game on their Twitch channels, further increasing the popularity of Fall Guys.

While there may not be an esport scene developing around this game, most streamers have described this game as a “fun” game to play. Priced at just around $7, Fall Guys is the perfect game to casually play with a group of friends to have some fun without having to worry about any competitive aspects.

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