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European Esports Body EEF bans Russian Flag from upcoming competitions

The Board of the European Esports Federation has announced their decision to ban Russian Flags from all their events. The news comes in after 23 days of the Russian and Ukrainian conflict, which is turning out to be a full-on-scale war.

The statement from the Board, in strong words, condemns Russia’s military adventurism into a neighboring democracy, Ukraine, which houses 40 million Europeans. Ido Brosh, the President of EEF expresses their concerns on “grave violation of peace, prosperity.”

EEF joins the list of companies and organizations that are putting up a strong moral code against Russia.

The full statement is below.

The invasion of Russian forces into the Ukrainian Territory has brought tragic and unnecessary losses of life, destruction across Ukraine, and refugees streaming into neighbouring countries.

This crisis negatively affected the lives of almost all Ukrainian people, including Ukrainian Esports athletes and competitive gamers. The European Esports Federation unequivocally supports the Ukrainian people’s right to self-determination and Ukrainian sovereignty. EEF had voices deep concerns for the safety of the Ukrainian people, gamers and Esports athletes.

Considering the circumstances, The Board of the European Esports Federation has decided for the Russian Flag to be banned from all upcoming EEF competitions. Russian players will be allowed to participate under the name and flag of RESF, and not as “Russia”. This decision is effective immediately and shall remain in force until decided otherwise when the conflict ends under internationally acceptable terms. EEF operation team will also work to assist Ukrainian players in participating in our upcoming events.

Ido Brosh, President of the European Esports Federation: “We are extremely concerned about the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, which we view as a grave violation of the values of peace, prosperity, and unity that Esports represents.” EEF’s board had a professional, in-depth discussion and I believe we have reached a fair decision that demonstrates our support for Ukraine and its people while avoiding punishing unrelated players. Our thoughts and support will be directed at the Ukrainian Esports athletes and gamers, and we will continue to work with the Ukrainian Esports Federation to maximize the safety of Ukrainian Esports players.

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