Is Esports betting more profitable than horse race waging?

The global betting industry has risen in the last couple of years and there are few reasons for such outcome. 

First of all, betting is now more accessible for bettors thanks to technology and online betting websites. On top of that bookies have new betting markets that were not available a decade ago. From eSports betting to Virtual betting, such new opportunities made betting more attractive for the younger generation.

When it comes to betting, the most important thing is profit.

If we talk about taking profits, we must cover the biggest attractions in betting such as horse racing and eSports betting. 

Which is More Profitable Horse Race waging or Esports betting?

Esports Betting

Esports betting is a relatively new form of betting that has experienced huge growth in the past couple of years. In 2020, the global betting market size was valued at 66.98 billion dollars.

The eSports betting market value is around $10 billion, but it is projected to reach $37 billion by 2025. This will represent more than half of the global betting value across all sports if the total value doesn’t grow.

Obviously, eSports is a profitable category in betting, but why?

Well, there are a couple of benefits that come with eSports betting such as:

Choosing from Variety of Games

Bettors have plenty of options to bet on when it comes to esports betting. On top of that, tournaments and professionally organized gaming events are much more frequent nowadays, which allows bettors a non-stop action.

Odds of eSports

Apart from the huge game selection, esports also offers great odds. This is another reason why eSports betting is growing in popularity. Since this industry is in expansion, many bookmakers offer great odds, especially for titles that are not so popular.

Many In-Play Markets

Most sports have a variety of different options to bet on, including horse racing. However, esports is currently the leader in providing countless in-market plays. 

Since all games are different from each other, bookmakers often provide different types of in-play markets where people can bet on different things like a number of kills, score, winning the game, lasting in-game, strategy, and more.

Horse Racing Waging

This is a rather unique comparison just because we have horse racing betting, which is one of the oldest forms of betting in sports, and eSports betting which is one of the newest betting options.

Horse racing has rich tradition for thousands of years, and even though horse racing doesn’t get too much media attention, it is one of the top choices for bettors.

Odds of Horse Racing

One of the reasons why horse racing is so popular has to do a lot with the impressive odds bookmakers have to offer. Betting on horses can lead to huge potential profits from a single bet, especially if you got an exotic bet right.

Rise of Horse Racing

In the past couple of years, the sport has grown in popularity and we have more races and special horse racing events that should keep everyone entertained. Still, the most popular one is still the Kentucky Derby that happens in May.


Since horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, there is a huge pile of data that can be helpful for bettors.


So, which is more profitable, esports betting or Horse Race betting? Unfortunately, nobody can make a clear decision of which sport is more popular just because it depends on many factors.

Esports offer new opportunities for bettors and on top of that esports games come with great odds. On the other hand, horse racing also offers great odds but since it is older than eSports, it provides more data that can help you make a wiser betting decision.

At the end of the day, the most profitable sport to bet on is the one that you have the most knowledge about. So, if you are watching Esports games more frequently, this will be the best option for you since you’ll be able to make better decisions, leading to bigger profits and vice versa.