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List Of Teams Qualified For PMGC 2022 Grand Finale

PMGC 2022 is over and we now have Grand Finalists. This round of the tournament was dominated by teams that failed to get out of their group and the top four teams will have a chance of getting into the finals. Here are the standings from Day One of the PMGC 2022 Final Chance Qualifiers.

PMGC 2022 will be the pinnacle of the PUBG Mobile Esports circuit as elite teams from all over the world get ready for the event and compete in a variety of tournaments to have a the chance to participate to play in PMGC 2022.

The current format of PMGC 2022 was changed as the organizers broke down league stage into different phases. The teams were first distributed into several groups and the top four of these groups made it to the grand finale. The remainder of teams from each group were transferred to Last Chance qualifiers.

At the Last Chance, each team is playing for one last time before being knocked out of the tournament. Here are the standings for day one and summary of teams that won the games.

List Of Teams Qualified For PMGC 2022 Grand Finale:

  • Influence Chemin
  • Buriram United Esports
  • S2G Esports
  • Godlike Stalwart
  • NV
  • Fire Flux Esports
  • T2K Esports
  • Alpha 7 Esports
  • Vampire Esports
  • IHC Esports
  • DRS Gaming
  • iNCO Gaming
  • SMG
  • AE

PMGC 2022 League Last Chance Day 2 Overall Standings

Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports
pmgc 2022
Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports

PMGC 2022 Grand Finalists:

PMGC 2022 Finals Team
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