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How to get Fortnite Chapter 4 Coordinate Codes

Following the conclusion of the Fracture event which marked the end of Fortnite chapter three, the game met with maintenance so that developers can optimize the game when Chapter four is right on the edge. Fans have plenty to get excited about with multiple changes and new elements coming into the game as indicated by EPIC Games themselves.

Epic Games has launched a website dedicated to chapter four alone The website can be used to look for coordinates that lead to various in-game elements. The codes can be used in combination as well which leads to so many new things.

We have put together all the codes and coordinates for Fortnite Chapter Four. They have been derived from their own website and we can confirm them to be valid and working and lead to some or the other object.

What is the QR code in the Fortnite Chapter Four waiting room?

On the off chance that you have missed the billboards, they have a code that will take you to the Fortnite Chapter Four coordinates website which lets players find out all the new items coming to the game. Put in the coordinates in the search bar and then they will directly lead you to the item in-game.

Where to find Fortnite Chapter Four map coordinate codes

Epic Games has opted to share the coordinates through celebrities and movie actors like Brie Larson, who posted her code earlier tonight. Players can find an updated list of Fortnite Chapter 4 codes on our websites right now.

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Epic has chosen an interesting way to keep fans engaged in an attempt to find out who

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