Esports to be a medaled sport in the 2022 Asian Games

Asian Games 2022 esports

The gap between esports and more traditional forms of sports is getting narrower day by day and the decision to name it a medaled sport in Asian Games has made it closer than ever. The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) confirmed that Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee with the China Olympic Committee has proposed the inclusion of esports in the 2022 Asian Games.

With this, esports is set to become an official medal event in the 2022 Asian Games, making it one of the biggest steps in generalizing esports around the world.

“Proposed during the 39th OCA General Assembly, the approvalĀ is certainly great news for the esports scene, in particular, the Asian esports community. This outcome is a step forward in the right direction as the esports community has been striving hard for the past few years is not only bringing esports into the mainstream limelight but also a step closer to the biggest stage of all, the Olympics.” read the statement from AESF.

South Korea in particular has a more rewarding outcome for participating in the 2022 Asian Games as winning a gold medal means pardon from military service for esports competitors.

The lineup of titles for the 2022 Asian Games is still up for debate. The organizers are still deciding upon the games with League of Legends being the most anticipated title to be played. 2022 Asian Games will take place in Hangzhou, China between September 10th and 25th.

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