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PUBG Mobile India APK Download Permissions Not Granted by MEITY

PUBG Mobile India is facing a huge roadblock on its way to make a comeback in India. The game announced its return about a month ago and since then, it was never officially released. The reason of this delay has been clarified by a query filed through RTI which states that the approval is still pending.

Gem Esports published a post on their social media handle which shed a light on the current state of PUBG Mobile India. As per the post, The Central Public Information Officer(CPOI) has responded to the query filed through a RTI (Right To Information) regarding the return of PUBG Mobile India.

The response stated is as follows, “MEITY has not given any permission for launch of PUBG.” The snippet of the query filed is given below:

Credits: Gem Esports

Earlier, reports already revealed that PUBG Mobile India was not being approved by the IT ministry of India and now, an official confirmation of this revelation has surfaced. This means that PUBG Mobile India still has to tackle a major issue before fully launching the game in India.

PUBG Mobile was banned by MeitY in India three months ago along with hundreds of other Chinese apps. The reason was that user data and privacy were at risk and hence, this strict action was taken. After almost two months, PUBG Corp. rekindled the hopes of PUBG Mobile fans in India with its official comeback.

This return was followed with tons of announcement and developments that hinted that the game is progressing in a positive direction and its return was right around the corner but now, the story has changed. PUBG Mobile India might take a long time before officially getting released in India.

It is based on the fact that since the main MeitY approval is pending for now, the other proceedings required to fully launch and operate the game in India will be subsequently delayed. PUBG Mobile India officials have not revealed any new piece of information till date.

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