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“Esports has given me the opportunity of a lifetime” says Ronak in an exclusive interview

Every Indian remotely familiar with video games has heard the name of PUBG Mobile in the past few years. PUBG Mobile became the face of gaming and esports in India after it was launched in 2019.

When the game was first launched, its mechanism and play style attracted the youth in India. Soon, this mobile game achieved a status that no other game could ever achieve and became a majorly sustainable and competitive esports title in India.

As PUBG Mobile esports was becoming a thing in India, players that were phenomenal at the game started to form their own rosters and compete in grassroots level tournaments. Many esports personalities that have millions of fan following in India started their journey from here and Harpreet Singh “Ronak” Janjuha was one of them.

Ronak entered into competitive PUBG Mobile with the world-famous roster of Team Soul. This team would go on to become one of the most beloved esports organisations in India. Ronak has seen the rise and downfall of PUBG Mobile and a comeback in the form of BGMI as well.

We have a short chat with Ronak and discussed his journey so far, his current journey with Skylightz Gaming, and his future plans.

Here are the excerpts:

According to you, how has the competitive BGMI trend shifted with the game’s comeback? 

The standard of gameplay has increased significantly. Every team has worked well on their tactics, which is reflected in every match. The intensity level in each game has been at the highest level consistently. Some great underdog teams have also come up. 

How do you fit into the assaulting meta while being a proactive sniper? 

Well the game has changed quite a bit and it is now becoming common nowadays for snipers playing aggressively and everyone is now focusing on assaulting as well.

How are you planning to cope with the rising stars in terms of playstyle? 

It is essential to work on your game and focus on consistency. My goal is always to improve my game, and I believe everything else will work out. However, it’s great to see so many rising stars in IGN. 

What is your dream team/roster? 

The current Skylightz roster is my favorite roster. We have a great set of players who share the same goals. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

What is your plan? Will you be seen more often on the active roster after the departure of Destro? 

The plan is to work hard, learn new things, and improve my skills. We will do what’s best for the team. 

What does your daily practice routine look like? Do you do any special drills specifically for sniping? 

I do not follow any practice routine. I prefer to take it day by day. Generally, I practice for about 7-8 hours a day, where I try out different things while also working on improving my game. 

In what areas do you think you have room for improvement? 

There’s always room for improvement in every area. To be at the highest level, you need to look for learning opportunities at every chance. 

As Asian Games are approaching, have you set up any special training regimen or goals for it? 

As a team, we will work hard and try to get the opportunity to represent India at the Asian Games. If we do get the opportunity to do so, our goal will be to get the gold medal. We are ready to give our 100% on this. 

If you were not into the esports industry, what would you be doing right now? 

That is really difficult for me to even think about. Esports has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am incredibly grateful I get the chance to make a career out of something I love. 

Skylightz Gaming is the best BGMI team in India after winning BGIS. What do you think was the x-factor that helped you to dominate in this tournament? 

I think the team found their rhythm well. The roster had been playing with each other for a while, so the team chemistry was incredible. Everything clicked for the team, and Skylightz won the tournament. 

Where do you see yourself after retiring from the competition? Will it be streaming games or coaching rosters, or something else?

I do not think about those things. I am an Esports player, and my focus is entirely on that. When the time comes, I will make the necessary decision.


This conversation certainly reflects that Ronak has always been passionate about PUBG Mobile and BGMI and will continue to do so in the future. He has an amazing charisma and incredible dedication towards gaming that inspires his fans around the world.

Ronak is completely dedicated to shining as an esports athlete and not moving towards any other routes in gaming. This dedication has helped him to stay on the top for the last three years with some ups and downs on the way.

His achievements have left a mark on the Indian gaming community and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Divyesh Moghe
Divyesh Moghehttp://www.talkesport.com
Content writer and Esports enthusiast
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