Indian players get access to Free Fire via VPN services

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Indian Govt. recently instated a ban order on 54 mobile apps and Garena Free Fire was one of them. Since this unprecedented action on Free Fire, its massive player base in India is left with no option but to wait for the ban to be removed or for Garena to come up with a solution. Many players have found other ways to enjoy their favourite game during this ban period itself.

Free Fire players in India have found a loophole in this ban and discovered that they can still use different VPN or IP changing services to play the game in India. The game is not accessible via normal internet connection but once you connect with a VPN, the game is still apparently playable.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN service allows its users to mask their private details online and also bypass several restrictions by connecting to different servers across the globe in an encrypted manner. It is often used to access global content from areas where it is restricted and Indian players are using it in a similar manner.

This was first pointed out on the Reddit megathread where the Indian fanbase was discussing the Free Fire ban in India. There were several mixed responses in the thread but some players were discussing ways via which the game can still be played in India.

As the ban has been placed on Free Fire only, the majority of its player base has shifted to Free Fire Max, the advanced version of this game. The future of this other iteration is still shady as it could be restricted by the authorities at any time. Free Fire Max is very similar to Free Fire with minor advancements in the user experience.

Players can access the game using VPN but we urge players to abide the Indian norms and wait for further progress before playing this game.