With the recent CSGO update which was shipped on Friday, Valve has enabled players to check the crosshairs of other players in-game. The process of checking anyone’s crosshair is as simple as just clicking on their names on the scoreboard. This made room for players to experiment with others’ crosshairs and also to come up with new and innovative crosshairs themselves. The community also managed to find a loophole in this system to mask their actual crosshairs or to simply troll the spectators.

With this newly released mechanic, curious players could just boot up CSGO and spectate a professional game to see all the pro players’ crosshairs, but the people watching on Twitch weren’t so lucky. 

During the current worldwide lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 situation, many gamers are deprived of PC access and aren’t able to use computers to spectate the pro matches of CSGO. This directly resulted in the Twitch viewerships for games skyrocketing during this period. CSGO enthusiasts could hop in on any ESL streams on Twitch to enjoy their favourite game.

Reddit user and CSGO fan u/whitestarbg has made a post requesting ESL to show pro players’ custom crosshairs on-stream. The post has gained huge positive feedback from the Global Offensive community and other Redditors have wholeheartedly supported the petition through the comments.

This subtle change will certainly make streams much more enjoyable for the thousands of viewers who prefer to watch the professional matches on Twitch. It will also enable viewers to recreate the crosshairs that they find useful.