Epic Games Store offers two free games each week, and the current week’s alternatives are especially fascinating. This week, the stage is parting with Just Cause 4 for nothing — simply get the game before April 23 and it is all yours.

Just Cause 4, one of the uncommon free AAA games at Epic, launched in 2018 to blended audits. You play as arrangement hero Rico Rodriguez on an undertaking over an anecdotal South American nation named Solis.

The primary reprobate, Oscar Espinoza, makes radical changes in climate like dust storms and tornadoes with cutting edge gadgets. It sounds rather crazy, since that is the thing that the establishment is known for. Noble motivation 4 offers a huge play area for Rico to investigate utilizing his different traversal strategies like the marvelous wing-suit and catching snare.

Despite the fact that basic gathering was blended, Just Cause 4 is an incredible ally for the individuals who wish to have a ton of fun in a huge open world. Just Cause 4 was likewise as of late added to PlayStation Now’s April line-up.

Featured Image credits: DigitalTrends.com