Besides the rumors since yesterday, Epic Games have added fuel to the fire by an ‘accidental’ tweet. The post is now obviously deleted, but it has already been preserved by users. One such Twitter user @Wario64 has re-tweeted it, which appears to be a teaser announcement of the game.

First revealed by the folks over at, Epic Games is on a spree to offer free games in this ongoing lockdown. In the video teaser, it appears that the game will be available to keep FOREVER!

Although Epic Games Stores and Rockstar Games have yet not spit the beans themselves, and we’ll still wait for an official announcement.

Grand Theft Auto 5 by Rockstar Games is currently available for purchase at roughly $39.99, and Epic Games giving it for free has a lot of value to it. It is also imperative to note that Grand Theft Auto 6 is also in the works as per multiple sources, and it might come around in the year 2022 for an official release, which is why GTA 5 for Free could be a marketing technique by both Rockstar Games & Epic Stores.