Entity Gaming wins Dew Arena CSGO 2019

Photo via Entity

Entity were made to toil by Global Esports over three maps but survived the scare on Train to retain the Dew Arena title.

The match started on Dust2. It seemed like Entity had perfect reads on just what Global Esports were doing and ended the half with a 12-3 lead. The defending champions then, closed out the map 16-8.

Train looked like Global Esports were being served more of the same, this time on the defence. But, the HellRanger led stack mounted a brilliant comeback from 9-3 to then win the map 16-11.

The decider saw Entity continue dominating on the offence, swapping over to the CT side with a 10-5 lead. Entity did not let their lead slip and swiftly captured the map 16-7 and the series 2-1.

karam1l was the highlight for Global Esports while psy and DeathMaker contributed heavily on the other side.

But, it was Entity IGL Amaterasu who championed through the decider, Mirage, with 23 kills to his name in as many rounds.

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