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S1mple’s graffiti has been re-added in the new Cache

One of the most memorable moments in CS:GO is the 1v2 that S1 s1mple pulled off against Fnatic at ESL Cologne 2016. Fnatic was at a man-advantage, having 2 players of their own against the sole survivor, s1mple. When the players Dennis Edman and Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson decided to rush the B-bomb site in an attempt to close out the round. S1mple turned things around by divebombing with his AWP from heaven, eliminating Dennis and then no-scoping KRIMZ right after that.

Recognizing this iconic play, Valve added a graffiti in de_cache at the B-bomb site under the heaven position.

This year Cache got a remake, which was showcased at ESL One New York. Fans were disappointed to know that the graffiti which paid respect to s1mple’s iconic moment was removed. However, during the ESL Livestream for the new version of Cache, fans were relieved to see that the graffiti was re-introduced.

The new version of de_cache will be fully released this year in October. It is however not certain if the new map will be directly added to the Active Duty map pool.

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