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CSGO: Everything you need to know about the new Cache

The remake of de_cache was showcased live earlier today at ESL One New York. The creators of the map have breathed life into the original Cache map by adding in new colors and multiple map adjustments that will drastically affect the play style of players for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists alike.

The new map is inspired by a ghost city in Ukraine called Pripyat, near the Chernobyl Power Plant. The map looks incredibly realistic with overgrowth of nature throughout giving it an abandoned theme.

Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling has mentioned that the map will be released in October this year. It is likely to be added into the Steam WorkShop before getting included into the Active Map Pool in-game.

The first major map adjustment showcased today at ESL One New York was the addition of a window at mid. CTs are able to use this to their advantage by peeking through the small window to check for Terrorists who might be contesting the middle of the map.

Another big advantage to the Counter-Terrorists is that they can jump on top of the truck near CT-spawn, enabling them to keep a watch over the A-bomb site. The towering building has been replaced by a wall, allowing the CTs to throw utility towards quad and default position.

Screengrab via ESL

Players can now jump on the default boxes following which they can jump onto the railings on the outside of the wall, at the B-bomb site. This puts the player in a strong position to hold the site against the Terrorists.

Screengrab via ESL

Terrorists can now shoot through the thin walls using an AWP and pick off CTs who like to hold the common angle near checkers.

Screengrab via ESL

Players can throw grenades at mid without being blocked by any ceiling thanks to an open skybox in the checkers position.

Screengrab via ESL

CTs now have a new angle to hold off against Terrorists who like to push through the vents towards the B-bomb site. To perform this maneuver, first jump onto the small radiator that is poking out of the wall and then jump on top of the box.

The map has a cheeky off-angle for the CT side at the B-bomb site. To get to this position, the player can simply run and jump from heaven to the top of a small lamp that is hung on top of checkers.

The famous “Shroud position” still exists in the new Cache towards the A-bomb site. However, there was a pole in the original de_cache which has now been removed. Due to this, the Terrorists can only see the feet of the CT who is holding that position.

Finally, at mid, CTs can get to the boost position by jumping on the small box. A new platform has been added which aids in making the second jump, making the overall manoeuvre far easier than the original map.


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