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DRX and Optic Win Valorant Masters Copenhagen Knockout Games

After the dominant first two games yesterday, Day two of the Valorant Champions Tour Knockout stage started with LATAM’s Leviatan taking on the Korean DRX, The only team that dominated their group stage contemporaries. The Last opening match of the Quarterfinal was VCT NA Challengers Stage 2 rematch.

Summary of Knockout Stage day 2 of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen:

  • Leviatan 1-2 DRX
  • XSET 0-2 Optic Gaming

The first match started with the best team from Group Stage DRX taking on the LATAM #1 seed Leviatan. The map veto started with Leviatan banning Fracture, DRX banned Split, and Leviatan chose to play Ascent while DRX picked Breeze. The Decider was Haven after Leviatan banned Icebox and DRX banned Bind.

Leviatan’s map pick started one-sided with Leviatan on defense shutting down DRX again and again, winning the duels and retaking with perfection, winning the half 11-1.

The second half of the map started shifting towards DRX, but the 10-round differential was too much for 

DRX to come back, and they lost the game 6-13.

DRX on Breeze displayed why they are a top team winning the first six rounds on the attack, but Leviatan managed to stop the bleeding, winning four of the next 12 rounds to close the half 4-8.

The second half was the same, and DRX managed to decimate Leviatan’s attack completely to close the second map 1-1.

The decider, Haven, started with Leviatan winning the first two rounds, but the game seemed to be in DRX’s favor, with DRX winning nine matches in a row to close the half 9-3.

The second half was different, with Leviatan making a comeback and limiting DRX to only three rounds before reaching the finals round. The final round had DRX on map point and Leviatan looking strong with the momentum on their side. But Buzz and MaKo held off Leviatan to win games 13-11 and the series 2-1. 

The game was a remarkable comeback from DRX, with them coming back from a heartbreaking loss to Ascent to win the series. Leviatan showed the world what they are capable of and had an absolute chance of winning the game. 

The second game was a NA showdown with XSET. The NA #1 playing Optic Gaming, the NA #2 and the maps chosen were Haven, Bind, and Ascent, with XSET choosing the first map.

XSET’s map pick Haven started heavily on Optic Gaming’s side, with Optic displaying great attack prowess, winning the half 10-2 easily. The second half had XSET starting well, but Optic Gaming found answers to XSET’s attack, winning the first map 13-7.

Optic’s Bind started with both teams exchanging rounds at the start, with XSET winning three out of the five, but Optic started rolling on attack and won six additional rounds to win the half 8-4.

The second half started with Optic Gaming winning the pistol round, but XSET managed to anti-eco them and win the follow-up.

Optic Gaming then managed to win the four rounds in a row to win the map 13-6 and win the game 2-0.

With this victory, Optic Gaming would play DRX the day after in the upper semifinals, and tomorrow XSET would play Leviatan in an elimination game. 

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