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DreamStar Mobile Tournament Takes Place in China

DreamStar Mobile is an intriguing game that draws comparisons to titles such as Fall Guys yet maintains its unique charm. Launched recently, the game has been quite popular among fans of the genre. DreamStar Mobile offers more intricate gameplay with diverse map elements which has given it the upper hand against the likes of Fall Guys.

Historically, games like this have never flourished in the competitive esports space and tend to fall out of favor as soon as the honeymoon period passes. However, the tournament that took place in China gives hope for the future of the competitive side of this game given it was a smashing success, to say the least.

DreamStar Mobile Tournament

The event flexed a very high skill ceiling for the game and it required players to be technically adept which speaks to the high level of competition present. While Fall Guys may not have cracked the ceiling with the esports side of their game, DreamStar on the other hand looks like are actively pursuing a competitive scene suffice it to say they are on the right track, especially with their staggering daily active users.

While initial impressions of the game might defer players from taking it seriously once you are hooked, it gets pretty interesting and the phone gets hard to put away. The simplistic nature of the game has attracted players from all age groups and while it’s normal to see teens at such an event, the tournament had senior citizens as participants who did surprisingly well.

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