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New bug makes CS2 cheat commands accessible to all

It is a well-known fact that Counter Strike 2 is riddled with bugs and despite receiving plenty of updates, it is hard to ignore the persistent issues that still plague the game. The first improvement that players expected when we transitioned from CSGO to CS2 was an advanced anti-cheat as VAC never made a significant difference in all those years.

Lately, a bug has surfaced that lets players use all the “sv_cheats” commands in matches. These commands are enabled in private practice servers but a new bug allows everyone to use them in sv_cheats-protected client-side cvar. In the wrong hands, the bug can exploited to gain access to wallhacks, teleportation, and removing physical barriers on the map.

In case you are getting ideas, FACEIT has already figured out ways to narrow down the list of players who have exploited this bug and will be handing out bans as you read this article. It is unclear whether the same bug can be used to cheat on official matchmaking servers but given the game still showing cracks in it, it is better to watch out for any fishy players.

Now it begs the question, the bug is not something external that players have injected in the game but a fault by developers so if outright banning them is the right step, the community has mixed opinions. While FACEIT has made it clear that they will be banning the players who misuse it, Valvue might take a different route given they played a role in the bug’s fruition.

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