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Valorant Players Raise Concerns About Third-Party Apps Ruining Ranked

Since the dawn of Valorant’s release, third-party apps like Tracker and Blitz have helped Valorant players assess various crucial statistics that are usually not available to them in-game. This can include lifetime stats like K/D, Headshot Percentage, and even their win rates across the various maps.

While most players would consider third-party tracking apps like these to be helpful, several players in the Valorant community have raised their concerns about these apps ruining the experience of competitive Valorant.

Third-Party Apps ‘Ruining’ Ranked Valorant: Players Claim

valorant third party apps

According to a recent Reddit post, these third-party apps might be causing more harm than good for the ranked Valorant experience.

In the post, the Reddit user claims how players who have these stat-tracking apps enabled often ‘psych themselves out over stats,’ which results in an awful ranked experience.

The user has also pointed out how certain players “dodge people if they don’t have a 50% win rate in their recent games” or if someone doesn’t have a peak rank higher than their current rank.

Blitz.gg and Tracker apps are ruining the game
byu/SatisfactionSecret69 inVALORANT

Other users in the comments section have echoed the original poster’s assessment of these third-party apps, with some suggesting that uninstalling them could prevent becoming overly fixated on other players’ statistics.

byu/SatisfactionSecret69 from discussion

Whether Riot Games decides to intervene and restrict the amount of data accessible to these third-party tracking apps during live games is still uncertain.

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