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Apex Legends April 2024 Leaks: Everything We Know So Far

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular battle royales on the internet. Featuring a huge player base and a thriving esports scene, the Respawn Entertainment title has found itself constantly growing in popularity as the devs continue to ship out new updates to the game.

While you wait for the next big Apex Legends update and wonder about the contents it will bring to the game, it might be a good idea to check out some of the leaks that have surfaced within the Apex Legends community in April 2024. In this article, we check out everything you need to know about the latest Apex Legends leaks, including new maps, new modes, upcoming Legends, and more.

Apex Legends Leaks: April 2024

Let’s check out what we know so far about the latest Apex Legends leaks in April 2024.

New Apex Legends Map Leaked

Recently, leaks about a new Apex Legends map called ‘District’ have surfaced on social media forums. As per the leaks, the District map is likely to be introduced to Apex Legends in Season 22, and will take inspiration from Titanfall’s ‘Angel City’.

New Legend Leaks

Osvaldatore, a prominent leaker in the Apex Legends community, has shed light on the upcoming Legend ‘Alter’. The leak also included the detailed ability kit for the new Legend.

Apex Legends New Game Mode Leaked

Leaks show that a new Team Deathmatch mode will be coming to Apex Legends with Season 21. This new LTM will feature intense, action-packed 12v12 gameplay that players will only be able to enjoy for a limited time.

That’s everything you need to know about the latest Apex Legends leaks in April 2024.

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