DreamEaters: A CIS based Russian squad advanced to the Starladder Berlin Majors,
They managed to win 2-0 against ForZe in the elimination match.

ForZe were the pure favourites here, but the underdogs DreamEaters made it to the Challenger Series.

They had to go through the CIS Closed Minor Qualifiers, they never had it easy for them. They barely made it to the Russian Qualifiers on the last spot.

Vladislav “Krad” Kravchenko the MVP so far he’s got some crazy talent to showcase on stage.

CIS teams have gained very little popularity so far, they often have to play Qualifiers online with more than 100 ping against European Teams which is always a bit of a disadvantage.

Krad couldn’t believe any of it was real and couldn’t stop his tears during the post-match interview, where he talked about where they came from and how difficult it was to get where they’re right now! They totally deserved this spot, they’ve fought all the good opponents so far and yet getting 3-2 (They lost against G2 and CR4ZY) (Won against NRG and VITALITY)

They’ll have to repeat their past performances and stay strong to get into the Playoffs, it’d be a pleasure to see them on stage.