A new phase for fnatic starts off as they miss their chance to get into the Berlin Majors.

This is the first CSGO Major Fnatic will miss as an organization. Fnatic has been in the eye since the first season due to their sudden downfall with the current lineup.


Recently Andreas Samuelsson, team director at Fnatic, and star player Jesper “JW” Wecksell took part in the AMA on Reddit where they mentioned about forming an “All Swedish CSGO Team” with a new InGame Leader.

They also announced that “Xizt” and “Twist” have been benched, allowing Younger player for a chance to stand-up to rise fnatic again!

Samuelsson also shred some light on the insides of the fnatic as well where he said “There’s nothing wrong with the team nor the players they had great chemistry, the only factor was the consistency as a team in the past one year they only managed to get into the Finals of 2 ‘Tier 1’ events.”

So soon we’ll get to see an all-new lineup of fnatic and hopefully, they’ll be back with a blast into the next majors!