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Dr Disrespect hints that he might know the reason for his controversial Twitch Ban

In a recent stream this week, Dr Disrespect answered some questions regarding his sudden Twitch Ban. Since his ban in June, Disrespect went radio silent to collect his thoughts and later came out with an explanation saying he has no clueon why he received the ban.

Dr Disrespect has since moved on to YouTube as his platform of choice to continue streaming where he is still pulling a considerable number of viewers every stream.

In a stream this week, Disrespect hinted that he may have a hint on why he received a ban, contradicting his earlier “no clue” statements. When asked by a viewer who identified himself as an “active duty Master Chief”, Dr Disrespect answered him with an analogy of how the Navy gets rid of big brass to make room for 3 new fresh recruits.

Basically, he meant that Twitch got rid of him because his salary was very large and the company could hire 3 less famous faces who didn’t cost as much.

With Ninja and Shroud also making their way back to Twitch, Disrespect’s analogy seems more on point. It is also weird how Twitch got rid of him just before Mixer crashed and closed, which might speculate that Twitch had insider info about Mixer closing down and streamers like Ninja and Shroud not being exclusive anymore.

With their former stars not being Exclusive anymore, Twitch made the move and hired them again before Facebook gaming or YouTube Gaming could approach them. So by getting rid of Dr Disrespect, Twitch freed up money to offer contracts to Ninja and Shroud.

This all is just speculation at this point as Dr Disrespect is under an NDA and can’t fully explain his side of the story.

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