Dr Disrespect Goes Live on YouTube After Twitch Ban

The doc has made a return to YouTube Gaming and is likely not returning to Twitch.

dr disrespect optic gaming

After being permanently banned from Twitch on June 26th for unknown reasons, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV has refrained from streaming for over five weeks. Although Twitch had said in their official statement that the 38-year-old controversial Twitch star was banned due to acting “in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service,” no specific reason was mentioned for it.

On August 5th, Dr Disrespect started teasing through his social media handles about his possible return to streaming. He also released his new song “Red Skies” on the same day.

Soon after the music video was released, Dr Disrespect finally confirmed through his twitter that he was about to start streaming on YouTube. “Tomorrow, we arrive,” the tweet said.

Dr Disrespect went live on YouTube on August 6th and the channel is still live as I write. The live stream has an average viewer count of about 10k and fans are seeming to love his return to the world of streaming. Interestingly enough, for the eleven hours the stream has been up for, the doc himself hasn’t appeared on the stream even once.

The doc had previously mentioned in an interview with PC Gamer that he, like his millions of fans, was in the dark about why Twitch banned him. He also stated that he isn’t returning to Twitch and is considering legal action against the platform instead.