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CSGO HUB revealed by ESL, Sign up for its BETA underway

Developers at ESL have come together to form a new tool which could help you analyze your matches from the official match-making algorithm of Valve and the ones played on ESEA as well. This specific tool goes by the name “CSGO HUB” and it might play a pivotal role in laying probes over some of your Game Statistics including K/D ratio, your positioning in the game for better combat outcomes and rank comparisons as well.

CSGO HUB will provide you with some Daily missions including, getting kills on a specific map or that but with a HE Grenade, MAP Analysis where you can stand a chance to capitalize on your mistakes thus helping you to mould yourself for top notch strategies in your future games.

At the end of every week, after completing a brief audit on your Game Structures and plans and implementing them, CSGO HUB will provide you with a report card highlighting your progress and lowlights enabling you to get a much brighter image with you as an emerging player.

At this very moment, CSGO HUB has been deployed in its Beta Phase and is expected soon to be launched in a fully-fledged manner. You can already redeem its perks by navigating yourself to the CSGO HUB website where you can sign up and start working on your matches from the last 30 days.

You can follow this YouTube Video for some more information about CSGO HUB and how to sign up for the same.

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