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Dr Disrespect has a problem with Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield franchise has been one of Electronic Art’s flagship games that were defined by its top-of-the-line graphics and intense storylines along with intriguing gunfights. Dr. Disrespect has been a fan of such games for a long time but he was left disappointed with the graphics despite claims of it being the best to date.

Battlefield is one of the most anticipated games of 2021 and the E3 trailer did nothing but build on the already amazing hype around the game. Unlike its rival Call of Duty, BF doesn’t boast a new edition every year and takes 2-3 years before coming up with a new game. The entire franchise has always struggled to keep up with COD but the gap has reduced over the years with some believing that DICE may have overcome it with its latest iterations.

One of Battlefield’s biggest advocates in Dr. Disrespect was present to witness the first-hand reveal of the trailer for BF 2042 during the E3 broadcast but was left rather disappointed right out of the gate. Despite most of the community getting blown away with the blockbuster reveal of the game, Doc couldn’t help but sound unimpressed with the graphics of the game.

“So this [clip] is on Xbox, I assume? I think what I have to do is when it comes to Battlefield 2042, is lower my expectations and, hopefully, that means they exceed them,” he said. “I’ve gotta be honest though, sorry, I do; I’ve seen better graphics on my old Xbox 360 man!” he added. “This is in 4K, right? Yeah… this is in 4K!”

Doc had to double-check it before he could tell that the video was playing in 4K resolution. The fact that a veteran like himself was left disappointed could point towards a major problem for DICE and EA for the game that treats its visuals as a selling point. The claims of “next-gen graphics” are getting questions as the graphics gameplay trailer and the reveal trailer is far from each other. In DICE’s defense, the footage was recorded in the pre-alpha stages of the game but noticeable improvements are hard to imagine once the game makes its way in October.

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