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Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to link your account to mobile number?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is very close to its official launch in India and Krafton is slowly revealing new information on some of the new functions added to the game. A brand-new feature will be added to Battlegrounds Mobile India where players can link their mobile number to the account after undergoing an authentication process.

Krafton announced a new battle royale title for the Indian region which will fulfill the gap left by the ban of PUBG Mobile in the country. This game has been hyped a lot since this announcement and as per their recent posts, it is clear that Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to be launched very soon.

The developers have implemented a new set of rules to comply with the local rules and regulations and as their focus is on privacy and data protection, some minors tweaks are made to the game policy. Some new policies are being implemented which will restrict underage users on some grounds. The playtime has been limited and a certain spend limit is added to underage users.

A new feature is spotted on the Support page of Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to it, some rules are set for the authentication process of mobile numbers via the One Time Password (OTP) feature. The rules are as follows:

  • How many times a user can enter a Verify code: 3 times
  • Valid time to input a Verify code: 5 minutes
  • How many times a user can request a Verify code: If the user makes 10+ requests, the player is restricted to 24 hour
  • Up to 10 accounts can be registered for a phone number

The official website does not include other information but one thing is certain that players can link their phone number with their in-game account. This feature can be implemented only for underage players as well but more clarity is expected from officials when the game is released.


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