Dota2: New Fall Update adds “LAKAD MATATAG! Normalin, Normalin” back to the game

LAKAD MATATAG Normalin Normalin

Earlier today, Valve paid a tribute to Aldrin “Dunoo” Pangan, a Filipino caster who passed away last week by adding the voice line Lakad Matatag! Normalin, Normalin as a part of the DOTA2 Fall Update. The voice line was first added to the game during The International 2019 as a part of the event’s compendium and was made available to customize your chat wheel.

The duo of Dunno and Marlon “Lon” Marcelo had brought to us, LAKAD MATATAG! Normalin, Normalin, is deemed to be the most famous voice line ever in DOTA2. They had initially come up with the voice line during the match-up between Team Secret and Fnatic at the ESL One Katowice in 2018. 

Lakad Matatag! Normalin, Normalin is none other than the Tagalog language, spoken in the Philippines. Adding this voice line back to the game was a huge honorable thing Valve could do for Mr. Aldrin Pangan as the whole DOTA2 community was heartbroken after they learned about his passing away from complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus. It was also spammed by a plethora of teams at the DOTA2 International and has delivered great fun while doing the same. 

Let us break down this famous voice line for you and know what it actually means.

  • Lakad: Walk
  • Matatag: Be Stable
  • Normalin: Right click on the hero or attack normally.

Three iconic voice lines were added to the game as part of the DOTA2 Fall 2021 Update and are as listed below:

  • LAKAD MATATAG! Normalin, Normalin
  • Easiest money of my life!
  • The next level play! 

These voice lines will be made available to you, this fall season via specific guilds that have achieved the platinum tier. So do make sure your guild hits the platinum tier level in order to customize your chat wheel with these three lines. 

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