DotA 2: Synderen explains how Nigma and Alliance may drop into division 2

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We’ve reached the midway point of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1 and are at an interesting crossroads. Nigma Galaxy and Alliance, two teams who are usually towards the top of the standings, are far behind. These two teams have only won one of their four series, and it’s hard to believe they’re battling for their lives in Division 1.

Because both of these organisations are well-known, Troels Lyngholt “syndereN” Nielsen, a Dota 2 commentator and analyst, recently discussed the repercussions of these two teams potentially sliding to Division 2. From a fan standpoint, SyndereN feels Nigma Galaxy’s relegation from Division 1 would be more significant, although relegation for any team will be significant for the WEU area.

SyndereN debates whose team’s relegation to Division 2 is more important.

COOLGUYS will most likely be the first team demoted from the DPC WEU Tour 1 Division 1 because they have lost all four series they have played. In terms of the second team being demoted to Division 2, it looks like Alliance or Nigma Galaxy may be facing that destiny, since both have performed poorly thus far, seeming to be significantly weaker than their opponents.

SyndereN mentioned on episode 132 of the We Say Things podcast that Nigma Galaxy’s relegation would have a bigger impact on the area than Alliance’s. Nigma Galaxy, in syndereN’s viewpoint, is one of the few teams in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with a sizable fan following, and their relegation is likely to have an impact on watching.

“I think strictly from a fan perspective and fan interest, the worst team to lose in the Division is Nigma because they represent the MENA region. They are the only team with players from the Middle East so that would be bigger. Alliance obviously has a strong fan culture and a strong brand name and a lot of fans but those fans also… the region that those players are from, there’s plenty of other teams that you can cheer for instead, right. So, I think that would be the biggest shame overall in terms of viewership numbers or whatever would be losing Nigma.”

Alliance is a well-known name in professional Dota 2, therefore it will be a major storey regardless of who is demoted. sydnereN has been added.

“At the same time, regardless of whether of these clubs is relegated, it’s a major storey, so that’ll produce a lot of anticipation in a manner, especially when they’re near to relegation, those series will be buzz as hell if they’re up against the wall.”

Alliance and Nigma Galaxy have won one series apiece, with Alliance defeating COOLGUYS and Nigma Galaxy defeating Team Secret. There are three series left for both teams. They will not only avoid relegation if they win the majority or all of them, but they will also get a major berth.

However, because Nigma Galaxy and Alliance still have to play each other, the losing team in this encounter will have an even more difficult time. In the WEU area, a lot is at risk in the second half of the DPC 2021-22.

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