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Dota 2’s CSGO mod ‘Polystrike’ moving to Source 2 before CSGO

Garry’s Mod and Rust developers Facepunch Studios are currently working to create a port for Dota 2’s CSGO mod named ‘Polystrike’ in their upcoming title.

‘Polystrike’ is a mod for Dota 2 that was released this year on April 10th. While Dota 2 has been ported to Source 2 since Reborn was introduced, it looks like Polystrike is about to bring the engine upgrade to CSGO in the upcoming project by the developers of popular titles Garry’s Mod and Rust.

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly one of the greatest FPS titles ever to be created in the history of video gaming. It has been around for over 20 years and has changed the way people perceive esports since its early competitive days.

CSGO was first launched in 2012 as a beta and gained worldwide popularity much more than its predecessors, holding its head up high among the plethora of other titles in the genre.

Polystrike incorporates the classic elements of CSGO into Dota 2, providing a fresh playstyle and a new take on shooter games.

Facepunch recently announced its deal with Valve for permission to use the Source 2 engine for their upcoming project ‘s&box’.
Garry’s Mod creator and Facepunch founder Garry Newman claimed through a tweet that he had spent 7 hours porting Half-Life’s movement to his new project.

Polystrike’s developer, Mark Mocherad, also confirmed the news through a tweet of his own.

Amid rising speculations of the Source 2 upgrade coming to CSGO in the next few months, Polystrike’s port to s&box is certainly something that fans of both Garry’s Mod and CSGO will look forward to.

Source: Nick J From Win.GG

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