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CSGO Devs clock in record hours as 10th operation rumours loom large

The beta branch of CSGO recorded four developers online for the fifth time since 2014.

As the rumors of an upcoming CSGO operation continue to linger in the air, it looks like the CSGO developers are working overtime to prepare its arrival.

On 13th November, the development branch of the competitive shooter by Valve saw 4 CSGO devs in-game, which, needless to say, indicates something big coming to the title in the near future.

The experimental version of CSGO is available exclusively to the developers and it’s used to test out new additions before they’re implemented in the actual title.

This goes in accordance with insiders claiming earlier that the 10th CSGO operation was “confirmed”.

Previously, we have already informed readers of the upcoming additions in the next CSGO Operation, which you can take a look at here.

YouTuber VNN Tyler explained the list of new additions that we might be getting in the upcoming Operation. Here are the changes you can expect in the upcoming update:

  • 1v1 Versus Mode
  • New Danger Zone Utility – ‘Tripwire’
  • Remakes to the existing maps Office and Mirage
  • Survival-based ‘Dungeons’
  • New Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’

The upcoming DZ map ‘Frostbite’ has already been leaked by the YouTuber, which you can check in his video released a few days ago.

However, interestingly enough, Valve has made no official statement confirming the 10th CSGO Operation as of yet despite continuing rumors.

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