ana valorant

Professional Dota 2 player Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham who’s currently a member of team OG has managed to reach the prestigious rank of Radiant in Valorant.

For the unaware, Radiant is the highest rank achievable in the competitive shooter by Riot with only a small percentage of the player base possessing the skill to reach it. 

Ana has been taking an extended break from competitive Dota 2 shortly after winning his second International in 2019 but is expected to return playing with his team soon. 

The 2-time TI winner shared the news through his Twitter handle, proclaiming himself as “officially one of the worst Radiants” in the game. 

Ana is also one of the richest esports athletes in the world and one of the five OG members to have won the International twice. The International 9 has been the biggest esports tournament in history in terms of the prize pool, followed by TI 8, both of which, team OG won. 

Seeing the Dota 2 star shining bright even in the skies of Valorant has surely delighted his fan base, who have congratulated Ana on this remarkable achievement.