Through a blog post on October 15th, Valve has shared their plans about the future of Dota 2 to the fans following repeated complaints against their poor communication with the community.

Yesterday’s update also introduced a number of changes to Dota Plus and the Guilds’ system, including a new treasure and a revamped way to earn shards. The new treasure features cosmetic sets for Nyx Assassin, Leshrac, Medusa, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver, Clockwerk, Faceless Void, Doom, Sven, Axe, Crystal Maiden, and Tusk.

It also re-introduces Ethereal and Prismatic gems, with the very rare Blazing Hatchling courier being pre-equipped with a random one of each gem. While describing Valve’s future plans for the MOBA, the blog stated that the company was in works to produce a new ‘Overwatch style system’ for Dota 2.

The Overwatch system is set to be similar to that of CSGO, and it seems like it will aim to curb the ‘toxicity’ and ‘game ruining behaviors’ of players rather than checking the cheater count like CSGO.

Players have been asking for an Overwatch system for Dota 2 for quite a while now, and it seems like Valve has finally decided to listen to its fans. While no specific date is mentioned by Valve on when will this new system be implemented in the game, Valve has mentioned that they’ll release further details once they’re ready.

“In terms of toxicity and game ruining behaviors from players, we are working on a new Overwatch style system, similar in some ways to that of CS:GO,” the blog said. “We aren’t ready to share more information about this yet, but we will as soon as we are able. We are hoping to get this in the game as soon as possible.”

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