Dota 2 Linken’s Sphere Bug Explained

A game-breaking bug has recently surfaced in Dota 2, and players are using it to intentionally crash ranked games when on the verge of losing.

The bug can be easily replicated in Dota 2 by purchasing Linken’s Sphere, an item that costs 4600 gold in the game and protects the user from targeted spells once every 14 seconds. While Linken’s Sphere can be an extremely crucial item in teamfights, some players were seen purchasing the item for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks.

Dota 2 Linken’s Sphere Bug Explained

The Linken’s Sphere bug in Dota 2 first came to light during a livestream of Twitch star Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski. He was about to lose one of his ranked games on Dota 2 when one of his teammates executed the bug and crashed the game.

The bug is triggered when a player buys Linken’s Sphere, uses it on an ally, and then sells or denies the item. Then, if an enemy casts a spell on the ally, the game instantly freezes and is rendered safe to leave. On top of that, the game isn’t scored either, which means that the losing team doesn’t lose any MMR.

Needless to say, this is a major bug in Dota 2 that needs to be fixed by the developers as soon as possible. Many fans of the MOBA are also choosing to avoid playing ranked games at all till Valve decides to interfere.