Zeus quits Gambit to join back Na`Vi with coach Kane

The more you look at the headline, the more it looks weird. But that’s alright because it’s true. Zeus, who won a Major not a month ago with his team Gambit is now quitting the team, back to square one. Natus Vincere potentially is buying back Zeus and Gambit coach Kane. Seized returns to the active lineup, since there were no buyers for him.

According to the speculations on social media and teasers revealed by Natus Vincere, Zeus is returning back to the team. Tweet by s1mple, suggests the same. Zeus even, updating his profile picture on famous Russian social network VK.com hints on the same activity.

Hints on Zeus coming back to the roster

It is funny because not a long time ago, Navi released GuardiaN and seized after their devastating performance. There were even reports of ANGE1 and electronic joining the Ukrainian side to fill the spots.

Natus Vincere teased their fans on Instagram by suggesting an official announcement on 9th August 2017. Although there were reports of Zeus getting kicked by Na`Vi, him getting back to the team once again makes nonsense. Zeus several times has also mocked his former team on sidelining him from the roster.

Furthermore, Gambit will be at the receiving end of trolls as Zeus was the one who assembled the team and got them the major Trophy.

Causes & Reasoning

Nothing has been made clear officially from both the parties, but as per the speculations doing rounds on social media, Kane turned events. Few of the Gambit players had issues with Kane resulting in the team’s management kicking him out. This possibly triggered Zeus as he left along with Kane leaving the team behind with no IGL and coach. Kane will be joining Natus Vincere along with Zeus to hold the coaching position.

Zeus’ official statement on the shuffle

Hello, bro Hello my dear friends. What is happening right now is really shocking for the entire world. The team, which won the coolest tournament in CS GO, is making reshuffles.

Gambit team, by winning the major through very hard way, won all hearts of fans around the world. And now the news about reshuffles will certainly be shocking and very painful. But it is happening and it is inevitable.

A lot of people think that I’m giving up on my team and willingly leaving them. Some think that I’m doing that because of money. But it is not true. Moreover, after winning the major, we got any opportunities to participate and win in the best tournaments.

In our team, during 6 months period, we had a lot of troubles and misunderstandings. Despite that, we have come a long way to the victory. But in this stage, guys decided to uncompromisingly kick our coach Kein, despite a fact that I could leave with him.

Misha “Kein” is a guy with whom I worked a lot and I was friend with him for a long time, he taught me a lot and cheered me up when I got kicked from Na’Vi and he helped us to win this major. But the team thinks otherwise, in spite of my experience and my will to save the squad. Although for me it is really strange because in any big sports, situations like this one happen another way around and the coach gets respect for that (for winning the major).

I came to Gambit with a requirement that our couch will be Kein and exactly with him we got ranked up from 24th place to 3rd place and won a lot of tournaments. But now nobody cares…fame is such a thing 😉

Of course, we did considerable work for past 10 months and we spent a lot of nerves and energy. And obviously, I feel sad to leave this squad on our top, following my couch and my friend. This squad and this team will always be in my heart and it will be a special chapter in my life. The chapter in which we, despite all of the problems and situations, could win the coolest world championship and I am grateful for that.

I compare us with the team from 1.6 “eolitic”, who also played incredibly well for a year and then split up for similar reasons.

Thank you all who supported me in this team and who sincerely cheered for us. But it is life. Now the new story is waiting.

P.S. Success in this game not only about skilled players, but also tandem between captain and coach. When this atmosphere is broken, it gets hard to work.”

The conclusion – It’s official

Natus Vincere now has their full roster intact with Kane (Kein) as their coach. Zeus, s1mple, seized, flamie, and Edward. Whereas Gambit now has lost their most effective and essential firepower. The aftermath of the CIS region may look a little puzzled, but one thing is clear. XGOD has a lot of work to do. A team winning the most prestigious CS:GO event less than a month ago, broke-out. This is plain and simple, sad.

Official announcement here.