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Gambit beat Immortals to achieve victory at PGL Major 2017

Gambit Esports beat Team Immortals to win the trophy at PGL Major 2017. After being down a map in Cobblestone, Gambit took the charge and hit Immortals back consecutively in Train and Inferno. The team led by Zeus and AdreN take home $500,000!

Gambit started their journey by first beating the Swedish powerhouse Fnatic in quarters. They went on to beat the defending champions, the hope of Danes, Astralis. And in the grand finals, they had to face Immortals, the SK Gaming counter-part from Brazil. The first map Cobblestone was completely under the spell of Immortals. It was pretty bad. Immortals beat Gambit 16-4. It looked as Gambit had no space to recover from the damage done in the first map. The second map, Train, Gambit’s pick was confidently taken in favor by the Kazakhs 16-11.

The grand affair occurred on Inferno where Gambit marked their territories in the first half of the game. Limiting Immortals only to five rounds in the first half, Gambit did everything right to take things forward in their favor and winning a major for the first time ever. All thanks to the incredible performance by H0bbit not once but twice in the concluding rounds, which steered the fate of the game.

Interestingly, Zeus had earlier announced on Twitter a year ago on, that is is not going to give up until he gets to win the Major title.

And here we are! 

PGL Major 2017 had its own velocity. The way the games were concluded, expressed the beauty of CS:GO. SK & Astralis, both the potential contenders to win the championship couldn’t manage to get into the final showdown. Fnatic, SK, Virtus.Pro & SK Gaming all had to settle their nerves and go home with disappointing results.

The most disappointing results were ironically from the former team mates of Zeus – the man who led Gambit to victory – Natus Vincere. Na’Vi didn’t even qualify for the playoffs. And in the process, lost their “Legend” status, which also means they would need to qualify from their region for the next Valve Major.

PGL Major Krakow final standings:

1. Gambit – $500,000 + “Legend” status
2. Immortals – $150,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Astralis – $70,000 + “Legend” status
3-4. Virtus.pro – $70,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. fnatic – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. SK – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. BIG – $35,000 + “Legend” status
5-8. North – $35,000 + “Legend” status
9-11. G2 – $8,750
9-11. Cloud9 – $8,750
9-11. FlipSid3 – $8,750
12-14. Natus Vincere – $8,750
12-14. mousesports – $8,750
12-14. PENTA – $8,750
15-16. FaZe – $8,750
15-16. Vega Squadron – $8,750

AdreN was named MVP of the tournament by PGL consideing his consistent gameplay in the grand finals and throughout the tournament. Incidentally, this is the first time the 27-year-old has been awarded with the Most Valuable Player of the tournament title.

If you’re a hardcore serious Counter Strike player, you must have come across AdreN’s tricks and tutorials on how to improve your gameplay and other technical stuffs of the game. AdreN has been a consistent community player alongside his professional career. He has reported and helped Valve to solve numerous bugs of the game. Winning a major for the first time, he also said on stage that “this is his dream come true.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport


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