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Why is Dosia called XGOD?

Why is Dosia called XGOD? Has this been your query from the time you’ve seen him performing at majors? Or you saw that billboard in the audience where people were cheering him up as “XGOD?” The question still remains, the 29 years old Russian who doesn’t resemble a Hollywood personality, is being labeled as XGOD?

Why is Dosia called XGOD?

It is ironic. Trust it or not. The reason fans, shout-casters, and even competitive players call him X-GOD is simply ironic. It is clearly visible that his looks aren’t comparatively fascinating, so in a way, people found a way to mock him for his appearance by calling him “s*x god” since the CS:GO games are broadcasted in TV lately, the audience has started to call him “x-god” instead.

So how did it start? It is a regular routine for the gaming audience to mock people of their body, appearances and what not! Just in a way JW is mocked as “pig”, Dosia is called XGOD ironically. But he turned the joke in his favor and acknowledged the mockery! And to fuel this even further, he put his signature during MLG Columbus as “XGOD.”

Officials at Gambit even released a video of his girlfriend’s cameo wanting to celebrate their anniversary. That all, of course in a humorous tone!

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