The list of TV channels broadcasting eSports event – ELEAGUE

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The international broadcast list for Friday’s Group A ELEAGUE finale has been revealed by WME TMG which will be OTA live on TBS and other media platforms all across the world.

Just before the league commenced, ELEAGUE’s media day witnessed some of the top notch personalities representing Turner and the ELEAGUE production mentioned about the group finale being telecasted Live on TBS in The United States of America and the same would be broadcasted widely across the globe in more than 80 countries.

ELEAGUE have now released a list of the distribution networks involved in broadcasting the Group A finale, with the final number surpassing 80 countries by a substantial amount and spread out over fourteen regional networks.

Latin AmericaEl Sportivo (Turner)
Czech RepublicO2 Channel
Pan NordicViasat Paid + Free
PolandMTG World
BalkansSport Klub
South East AsiaAstro
South East AsiaTurner
South East AsiaASN


The list of the broadcasting partners and their respective networks has now been released and the number is substantially more than expected with more than 80 countries and 14 regional media networks allotting a slot to the game on their TV schedule. USA fans can watch the matches also on TBS live feed.

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