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CSGO update brings Dosia play graffiti to the game

Valve has pushed a minor update today which you’ll be getting OTA of ~ 55 MB. The update is a regular routine. After a major event concludes, Valve pushes the awards and trophies virtually in the game with results.

Although this graffiti was well anticipated, we didn’t expect Valve to be so much on time to deliver this! Other than the graffiti, the game also has some minor bug fixes. Inferno has gone through some nominal graphics upgrade. Whereas, Wingman game mode on Overpass is now supported.

This is how the Graffiti looks like:

The Graffiti has its recognition from the Krakow PGL Major 2017, where Gambit’s Dosia executed an incredibly smart strategy and outplayed two players of Immortals. The play was called so well received because it had consequences on the results of the game as it broke the financial economy of the Immortals’ players and they had to buy the ammunition and rifles again in the following round after losing to the c4 detonation.

The complete update log released by Valve is below:


  • Engraved the Krakow 2017 Champions on the in-game trophies, and adjusted the inspect animation to make engraved champions readable.
  • Adjusted the trophy icon silhouette to disambiguate Major Championship in-game trophies from other coins.
  • Added commemorative graffiti.


  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs on Inferno.
  • Added support for Wingman game mode on Overpass.


  • Upgraded several surfaces sound to 16-bit for HRTF support.


  • Several performance optimizations in sound playback.

This is the sixth play which has been rewarded a permanent memorial place in the game. Earlier, olofmesiter, coldzera, Fnatic and s1mple were among the cited commemoration.

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