Water Bug Worse than ever in the Current State of CSGO

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Ever since the introduction of Ancient in the Active Duty Map pool of CSGO, there have been multiple reports of bugs and texture glitches that are ruining the game. The smoke bug has been ever-present, but lately the most common is the water sound bug in T spawn.

The sound of running through water can be heard all across the map, from one end to the other, therefore players are forced to walk through it during the middle of the round and hence it wastes precious time.

As the start point for the Terrorist side, the bug doesn’t cause any severe problems at the start of the game. But during the mid-round, if any CTs hear the Ts running through the water, they’ll automatically know where they are. This allows them to take map control in other crucial areas of the map, giving them a huge advantage.

Another bug that has risen was reported by Reddit user u/maciek10372, who posted a video on the r/globaloffensive subreddit displaying the bugged water particles.
The player shoots another player, which results in the splashing of water, hence distorting the visibility. This would be problematic if other players were present as it would hinder vision by quite a big margin.

This should be taken note of by valve surely, as this has huge repercussions in Pro play and could be round defining if the map goes in this state to the PGL Stockholm Major 2021.

All we can say is, Valve please fix!

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