Neymar’s $40,000 CSGO Inventory Revealed

Take a look at the insane CSGO inventory of the soccer legend Neymar Jr.

neymar csgo

As many of you may be aware, soccer star Neymar Jr. is also an avid CSGO enthusiast and a decent player. Popular CSGO YouTuber ‘TDM_Heyzeus’ has recently revealed the insane CSGO inventory of the Paris-Saint German forward and it turns out that the cumulative cost of Neymar’s inventory is over $40,000.

Taking a look at Neymar’s CSGO inventory, it’s evident that he doesn’t like anything short of the best skins for his collection. Most of his primary skins are in ‘Factory New’ condition with excellent floats on top of that.

Neymar’s CSGO Inventory

While there are far too many skins in Neymar’s CSGO inventory for them to be listed here, here are some of his best (and priciest) weapon skins we could find in his skin collection along with their approximate price tags in USD.

Neymar’s CSGO Inventory Photos:

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